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Welcome to the Tax Blog on PATaxRelief.com from Strategic Tax Resolution! Be sure to come back often as we’ll be sharing important and helpful information about taxes and tax problems. Whether your problems are with the IRS, State or both, Strategic Tax Resolution is the smart choice to help you resolve them. Call us today at 888-339-4914 for a free consultation.

Five Key Tax Resolution Process De-Stress Tips

Dealing with a tax problem is stressful. Not dealing with it is even worse. You’ve made the decision to tackle your tax problem. Great! Now you’re looking to enlist the help of a tax resolution professional to take you through the process. Here are five key tax...

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Why “IR 2020-34″ Should Scare You

Way back in February of 2020, the IRS issued IR 2020-34, which announced their plans to hunt high-income non-filers and bring them into compliance. Then the pandemic happened. Everything paused. Guess what? The IRS is on the hunt again, looking to simply enforce the...

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