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Home Ownership. Part of the American Dream. Paying taxes each year. Part of the American Reality. The good news is that there are tax perks of owning a home.

Where those two paths cross – home ownership and your taxes — are some tax perks you want to be sure you are utilizing. A quick check can help you maximize the tax perks of owning a home.

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There are some common deductions that come with home ownership that you want to make sure you are taking, such as …

-Mortgage Interest

-Home Office

-Real Estate Taxes

-Home Mortgage Insurance

Please note, as with anything, there are limitations and qualifications associated with these common deductions:

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Mortgage interest — limited to the first $750,000 in loans secured by your home ($1 million for mortgages underwritten prior to 2018)

Home office – the home office does have to meet certain requirements to qualify

Real Estate taxes – current tax laws limit this deduction along with other taxes to $10,000

-Home mortgage insurance – this one is not a permanent part of the tax code, but it is typically renewed each year by Congress

One Last Thing

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