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With 2020 finally in the rear view mirror, make 2021 free of tax issues and take care of one last piece of 2020 business before you say goodbye for good – your 2020 taxes and those lingering tax issues.

Tax Day is back to April 15th in 2021, so there is still time to work on your taxes and be prepared to file them. And you want to be sure to file them. Unfiled tax returns are like magnets for penalties and interest.

tax issues, tax lien, tax levy, strategic tax resolution, irs, irs notice dos and donts, tax reliefBut, maybe you missed filing your taxes last year (along with a few more years). And now you are staring at yet another tax return.

You may be tempted to do nothing. You’re already behind on your taxes, what’s one more?

The absolute worst thing you can do for a tax issue is nothing. Tax issues do not go away, they tend to keep getting worse. Penalties and interest continue to rack up the longer the issue goes unresolved, creating this seemingly inescapable pit of tax debt.

money, irs, strategic tax resolution, penalties, interestYet, all is not lost. You do have rights as a taxpayer – one of those being the right to representation. You don’t have to face the IRS alone (in fact, we recommend that you don’t). We help you determine the best Tax Relief program for your situation. This could mean an Installment agreement or an Offer in Compromise negotiated settlement. You want to consult a professional to understand all the options available to you. But you need to make sure it is a qualified, licensed professional, so be sure to ask questions when looking for a tax resolution company.

There is a path of escape, there is a #RoadToResolution, a way to #GetRelief. You need a Strategic Tax Resolution plan, personalized to your unique tax situation. You need Strategic Tax Resolution.

One Last Thing

Make it your New Year’s resolution to take care of your tax issues once and for all. Strategic Tax Resolution can help. We are the ‘guy on your side’ – tax resolution experts with local offices and online-assisted means to better serve you. Strategic Tax Resolution has the experience to customize a resolution plan for your unique tax situation. We handle the IRS and State taxing authorities on your behalf, working to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. Contact us today at any of our area offices, by email or call 888-339-4914. Follow us on social media. Get Relief!