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IRS Notice Do’s & Don’ts

With levy and garnishment notices making their way to mailboxes across the area, more and more taxpayers are getting the dreaded letter from the IRS. Here are some quick IRS notice do’s and don’ts if you find yourself on the receiving end of one.

  • First, don’t throw it away/ignore it. Ignoring it will not make the issue go away.
  • Also, don’t freak out/panic. Each notice will deal with a particular issue and have detailed instructions on what you need to do. Also, letters are how you will hear from the IRS.
  • Do act quickly. Look through the letter carefully and follow the instructions. Taking timely action will likely minimize any additional penalty and interest charges and the risk of collection action.
  • Do review the information contained in the notice. An IRS notice will most likely reference a particular tax period, a payment request or a specific issue. This is especially true if your notice deals with a corrected or altered return. Keep all the documents for your records.
  • Don’t reply unless the notice says you have to reply. Typically, there is no need to reply unless it says so in the instructions on what to do. Remember, each notice will have specific instructions on what you, the taxpayer, needs to do.
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  • There is an exception to don’t reply advice – if you dispute the notice. In that case, do reply. Respond with a letter detailing the reasons why you dispute the notice. Be sure to include all necessary documentation related to your dispute for the IRS to review.
  • Don’t get fooled by scammers. The IRS does not use social media or text messaging to reach out and contact you. First contact is almost always by mail. 
  • Do make sure you understand all your options. Consult a professional tax resolution specialist for assistance in choosing the right path to the best possible outcome for you.

One Last Thing

If you find yourself on the receiving end of an IRS or State tax notice and you are not sure what to do, or you want to know what your options are or you just want to hire a pro to take care of the whole thing, Strategic Tax Resolution can help. Our local tax resolution experts are here to help you resolve your tax issues and get you on your custom #RoadToResolution. We have local offices to better serve you. Contact us today 888-339-4914 and get relief!